2021 Benefits

Below, you will find info on your 2021 benefits, including links to providers and more


myuhc.com or call 1-844-587-8503 to find a doctor, pharmacy or look up a medication

SE Division employee? Go to bcbsal.com or call 1-800-292-8868 to find a doctor, pharmacy or look up a medication

Ben E. Keith offers two types of medical plans:

  • PPO – our more traditional plan with copays when you see a provider or fill a prescription.
  • HSA – comes with a $1,000 tax-free contribution from Ben E. Keith into an HSA reimbursement account when you enroll yourself in the BEK HSA Medical Plan or $2,000 if you cover your family. Use HSA dollars to pay for eligible expenses like deductibles or even dental and vision care. The amount you receive will be prorated based on the number of months you are enrolled in the HSA.

Both plans include:

More about the HSA
Go to https://www.optumbank.com/health-accounts/hsa.html to learn more about how an HSA works.

The IRS has certain requirements for who can enroll in an HSA. You cannot:

  1. Be eligible for other medical coverage (for example, through your spouse),
  2. Claimed on someone else’s tax return, or
  3. Be enrolled in Medicare.

Not eligible? No worries. You can still enroll in the BEK PPO Medical Plan.

Key features of the BEK HSA Medical Plan:

  • $1,000 tax-free Company contribution into an HSA reimbursement account if you cover yourself or $2,000 if you cover your family.
  • You can make pre-tax contributions of up to $3,600 (individual) or $7,200 (family).
  • Use your HSA dollars to pay for eligible expenses like deductibles, vision or dental. You can choose to pay out of your own pocket rather than using the money in your HSA.
  • Unused HSA dollars rollover year-to-year – even if you enroll in a different plan in the future.

Bottom line – you’ll pay less each pay period for coverage. 

What you pay for in-network care (non-network care costs more)

SE Division employees can enroll in the BEK BCBS Medical Plan.

Working spouse surcharge
You need to know that if your spouse is currently working and eligible for medical coverage through their employer but you want to cover them on your BEK medical plan, you will pay an additional $100 a month more in addition to the medical costs per pay period.

Tobacco surcharge
You’ll pay $100 more per month if YOU (the employee) enroll in a BEK medical plan and use tobacco in any form – cigarettes, e-cigarettes, cigars, pipes, snuff or chewing tobacco. If you use tobacco now but want to quit, call QuitLogix at 1-855-372-0040.



 mybenefits.metlife.com or 1-800-942-0854 (DHMO 1-800-880-1800)

Your teeth are a really important part of your overall health. Get comprehensive dental care from both the BEK PPO and the BEK DHMO Dental Plans, including:

  • Low individual and family deductibles
  • No deductible for preventive care of 2 exams and cleanings each year (in- or out-of-network)
  • Orthodontia benefits for children up to age 26
  • Adult orthodontia is available in 2021
  • The DHMO Plan is only available in Texas


superiorvision.com or 1-800-507-3800

Regular eye exams keep you safe during your daily life and home and work. Making an eye exam part of your annual routine is a great investment in your vision today and in the future. Get comprehensive vision care from the BEK Vision Plan, which includes:

  • No deductibles – just pay low copays when you need care
  • Only $10 copays for eye exams every 12 months
  • $20 copay for frames and standard contact lens fittings


unum.com or 1-866-679-3054

All full-time Ben E. Keith employees receive $50,000 of Company-paid BEK Basic Life/AD&D on their 60th day with BEK.

In addition, you can enroll in supplemental, spouse and child life/AD&D plans.

BEK Employee Supplemental Life/AD&D

  • Available in coverage amounts of $50,000 to $950,000 in $50,000 increments
  • EOI (proof of good health) is required if you increase your current coverage by more than $50,000, do not currently have this coverage or increase to any amount above $300,000
  • Rates are based on the age of the employee as of January 1st
  • Go to dayforcehcm.com to see what amount (if any) you selected for 2021

BEK Spouse Life/AD&D

  • Available in coverage amounts of $50,000 to $250,000 in $50,000 increments
  • Spouse coverage can be up to 50% of the employee supplemental life/AD&D coverage amount but not more than $250,000
  • EOI is required if you choose more than $50,000 in coverage
  • Rates are based on the age of the employee as of January 1st
  • Go to dayforcehcm.com to see what amount (if any) you selected for 2021

BEK Child Life/AD&D

  • Pay one amount – no matter how many children you cover up to age 26
  • Each enrolled child will have $10,000 in coverage
  • You (the employee) must enroll in supplemental life/AD&D if you want to cover your children
  • Unmarried dependent children age 26 or older who are incapable of selfcare due to a mental or physical disability can be enrolled. Your child must be fully dependent on you for support and claimed on your federal tax return
  • Go to dayforcehcm.com to see what amount (if any) you selected for 2021

How EOI (Evidence Of Insurability) Works

If you select certain amounts of life/AD&D for yourself or your spouse, you MUST provide proof of good health, called evidence of insurability (or EOI).

Unum will email you a link to the EOI application or mail you a letter with instructions on how to complete the process online.

It is YOUR responsibility to quickly complete the EOI application when requested. If you do not return the EOI application, you will not have additional supplemental life/AD&D coverage for yourself and your spouse will not have spouse life/AD&D coverage.