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Ben E. Keith is proud that we have contributed more than $64.5 million dollars to the Profit Sharing accounts of our employees in the last 13 years. Our goal? Help you prepare for a strong financial future. If you are a full-time employee with one year of Company service, you are eligible for Profit Sharing if Ben E. Keith makes a discretionary contribution.

Empower Retirement will administer your Profit Sharing account. Contact Empower Retirement at or 833-BEK-SAVE (833-235-7283) to learn more.

Vesting made easy
You are 100% vested in the Ben E. Keith Profit Sharing contributions after six years of service. Here’s how vesting works:


  • 20% after year 2
  • 40% after year 3
  • 60% after year 4
  • 80% after year 5
  • 100% after year 6